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Open Freezing certain foods will stop it from ending up frozen in a single clump, allowing you to just use what you want. Watch video one for my tips on how to do this most effectively.


Flat freezing will save you SO much space. Check out this technique so that you can use what space you have more effectively!


Banish the frustration of having food stick together in the freezer by using this handy trick
(remember you can reuse the parchment too, so don't throw it away unless it's touched raw meat or it's stained by your food!)


You might have used ice cube trays to freeze some things in the past, but have you considered all of the options? Check out the video for some ideas :-)


What freezer bags you use does matter. Too thin or flimsy and your food will be more prone to freezer burn. I am currently a fan of the Ikea Istad bags.

They are easy to wash and reuse, come in a range of sizes, have a double seal that keeps your food secure, and they are made with 85% recycled plastic (and recyclable with other common plastics).

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