Helping Busy Parents to Cook From Scratch More and Waste Less Food!

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😫 Are you tired of wasting food simply because you didn't eat it in time,

or you cooked too much?

🥱 Do you have the good intentions to cook but regularly find you're too tired

or can't be bothered?

😳 Do you ever close your fridge door,

hoping that the food will have magically become fresh when you open it again?

😠 Do you try to cook new meals,

but get frustrated by not having all of the ingredients you need?

😖 Would you like to enjoy more variety but struggle with inspiration and

never know what to do with 'leftover' ingredients?

🍏 Would you like to easily reduce the amount of food that you waste, but hate meal planning?

👩‍🍳 Want to know how you can cook from scratch more, without spending endless hours in the kitchen?

🥦 Do you want to be able to cook healthier meals,

or have better control of your portion sizes?

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Want to get your family more involved in cooking

so that it's not always down to you?

❤️ Would it feel good to know for sure what is safe to eat and what is not, and what home cooking mistakes you need to avoid to keep your family safe and well?


If you answered YES! to any of these questions,

you are in completely the right place 😁

Welcome to A Whole New Approach to Freezer Cooking...

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The Full Freezer Method helps busy parents to cook from scratch more often, and enjoy healthier food and more variety. It brings together the various challenges of cooking for a family, and gives you the skills and knowledge to adapt your cooking style as your family grows and changes.


How Do I Know It Works?

Because I developed it to overcome these problems in my own home, and since starting to teach it to others, I have received countless messages expressing how much time, money and energy those using it have saved! 

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A Few Year Ago, I Hit A Wall

I have always loved to feel in control, and so for a long time (around 14 years!), I was a batch cooker.

I learned the skill from my mum, and I made good use of it through my single years, then when I met and married my other half, and particularly when we had our daughter. 

But when our son arrived, suddenly everything felt too difficult. I would buy food with the good intention of cooking, but it would regularly go to waste. Either the kids would be kicking off, we wouldn't fancy what I'd planned, or I would simply be too exhausted to cook. 

I knew I needed to find a way to get more scratch cooking back into our lives without putting the pressure on myself to batch cook. And so, I started to geek-out on all things freezer. 

I learnt what I could freeze, and how. I studied food hygiene and safety. I researched storage options and came up with my own methods to keep organised without needing spreadsheets or notebooks...

And So, The Full Freezer Method Was Born!

I found that with the right knowledge and understanding, I could substantially increase the amount that we cook from scratch, as well as cut our edible food waste to almost zero

And of course by reducing our food waste, we have been able to slash our food bill and cut down on trips to the shops.

My other half is also more helpful in the kitchen these days, and my kids are already taking a great interest in cooking; a skill that I am very keen for them to have!

Most of all, I just love knowing that there is always something in the house to eat, and that we have complete flexibility depending on how we feel and what we want to eat. I rarely plan more than a couple of hours ahead, which works perfectly for us!


When I Wanted To Find A Solution...

...and feel in control in the kitchen again, I couldn't find anything that gave me what I needed to know all in one place

Too often, the challenge of cooking is reduced down to "having the right recipe". But the reality is that feeding a family is so much more complex, and too often it falls to one person in the home. 

I wanted to create an approach that would help me to de-stress daily cooking, rather than put more pressure on myself. Without a doubt The Full Freezer Method has given me the pause button that I needed! 

So now I have put together a group coaching programme so that you can stop wasting food and start enjoying using your freezer more, without the guess work! 



What Will Be Covered?


As this will be my first intake of Freezer Geeks, there will be some flexibility in the content taught to ensure that everyone feels well equipped by the end of the course. Each module will be delivered weekly by video with PDF downloads to support where appropriate. I will also host regular live sessions to answer your questions and to discuss any tweaks along the way. 


It is my mission to ensure that your pain points are eased and that you finish the course feeling excited and empowered.

The most important thing I want you to know is that I've got your back. This isn't just about throwing a stack of information at you and running off in the other direction.

If you hit a wall, need a nudge, or have a freezer fail,

I'll be there to help you push through and find what works for you.


I am very conscious that your freezer may not currently be looking its best, and may well be stacked to the rafters. To get the best out of this academy I would love you to start with a blank canvas, so before we get stuck into the main training I would like to help you to do a little housekeeping. 

These sessions are not mandatory, but are encouraged.


They will be delivered via email and the Facebook Community on a weekly basis in the run up to the course starting.


WEEK 1: Freezer Fundamentals

That Will Give You Back Control of

Your Kitchen

There are a lot of false beliefs and misconceptions when it comes to using our freezers. In this first session I'll run through the foundations that will help you to ensure your freezer is used to its greatest potential.

WEEK 2: Can I Eat This? Food Safety Stuff You Need to Know

This section of the course is absolutely invaluable. By knowing and understanding food safety rules we can have greater confidence

about what is safe to eat (so we bin less), and we can avoid unintentionally making our families ill. 

WEEK 3: The Truth About Freezing; How to Know What You CAN & CANNOT Freeze

This is one of the most common questions I am asked, so in this module we'll take a tour through what you can and cannot freeze, and what to do when you're not sure.

Monday 19th April 2021

Monday 26th April 2021

WEEK 4: Freezing Tricks & Techniques That Will Transform Your Dinnertimes

Here I will run through my ultimate tricks and techniques for home freezing, including some of the mistakes you do not want to be making.

WEEK 5: Organisation Hacks to Save You Time

If your freezer isn't organised in some way, you'll never use it to its full capability.

So in week 5 I'll run you through my top organisation tips, talk through how I keep on top of things and offer some different options so that you can find what works best for you!


Monday 3rd May 2021

Monday 10th May  

Monday 17th May 2021

Monday 24th May 2021

WEEK 6: Freezer Stash Cooking - The Secret to Varied & Waste Free Mealtimes

Of course there is no point in freezing foods if they aren't going to get used up. I talk you through how I use my stash, different cooking techniques and remind you of the safety stuff you need to know when cooking with frozen foods.

Monday 31st May 2021

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 The Full Freezer can help you reduce all food wastage by better utilising your freezer, but frozen fruit was a firm fave for me this year. 



I already freeze food such as bread, milk, left over dinners like lasagne etc but I have to confess I found Kate amazing!! All the info is so useful and informative

TheFullFreezer-strawberries - lo res.jpg


Kate has so many amazing ideas and little tweaks that are genius. I don’t know how I coped before. I would recommend the Full Freezer to everyone as Kate can help anyone save money and food. Win win.

Extra Bonuses Included

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Meet Kate

Kate Hall is a home cooking consultant and food waste advocate with a passion for everything frozen.

Featured by the likes of BBC Radio and 5News, Kate’s techniques are gaining a strong following and have already inspired many to harness the power of their home freezers and avoid home freezing pitfalls.

Developed in her own home after becoming frustrated with the stresses of daily cooking and food waste, The Full Freezer Method™ brings together Kate's 14 years of batch cooking experience, with her love for organisation. Covering all aspects of feeding a family (planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and importantly - food safety), The Full Freezer™ is Kate’s answer to that relentless question “what’s for dinner?!” and all of the steps that you need to take to answer it. Her big goal? To save you food, time, money and stress.

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When Kate isn’t freezing stuff, she can generally be found dancing around her kitchen with her kids or enjoying a coffee in her local café (or takeout during Lockdown!). She loves to ski, cross stitch and make and decorate cakes, but has rarely done any of these since becoming a mum and starting a business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Admin Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts on April 7th 2021 and the modules will be released weekly. We will take a break the week starting 10th May.

When will the Q&A sessions be held?

This will be arranged based on the groups' greatest availability from a number of slots which will be shared just before the course starts.

How long do I have access to the course content?

For life.

Do you offer any refunds?

As with all online transactions in the UK, this course is subject to a 14-day cooling off period. However due to the live nature of this course no refunds are available once the course has started.

Course Content Questions

I don't have much free time, will I be able to complete the course?

Videos will be kept as short as possible to give you what you need to know as concisely as possible. I have purposefully spread the course out over 8 weeks so that it is easy to digest. You will also have lifetime access to the content, so if you can't watch the videos as they are released you can catch up whenever is convenient!

What if I don't have much freezer space?

Of course, the more freezer space you have, the more you will be able to freeze. BUT, knowing how you can best use the space you have, and how to freeze, defrost and cook your food safely are life skills worth knowing. What you learn doesn't need to be all about YOU and YOUR freezer space either. Maybe you want to prep and freeze food for an elderly relative or a sick friend. Perhaps you want to be able to teach your kids the right way to store and handle their food so that it comes easily to them as grown ups. And if it is all about you, well, one day maybe you'll have more freezer space, and surely it's better to know how to put it to good use BEFORE you fill it up?!

Freezing food really scares me, could I make my family sick?

I take food safety very seriously and have my level 2 food safety and hygiene certification, as well as working closely with a fantastic Environment Health Officer who helps to ensure that all of my advice is accurate and safe. It is my mission to share with you just what you NEED to know, so that you don't have to do boring food safety courses, or scour the internet (which is often full of misleading and inaccurate advice).

We don't really waste much food, so I'm not sure there's much value in it for me

There's no denying, some people are really really good at using up what they have in stock. Maybe you've got an 'eat me first' box. Maybe you're a super creative cook. BUT I often find that just because someone IS good at using up their food, it doesn't mean they wouldn't like it to be easier. Or that they wouldn't prefer to be able to mix up what they're eating rather than having the same leftover two days running. The Full Freezer gives you flexibility over and above anything else, so that you can continue to waste very little, but also enjoy more variety and convenience.

I don't have time to cook from scratch, can this help me make time?

I'll be honest, you won't get quicker than a ready meal. But if you want to cook from scratch more often then The Full Freezer Method will help you to do this, and waste less when life stops you from cooking. The truth is, The Full Freezer grew out of my own lack of spare time. I'm a working mum of two, who used to batch cook, and I simply found that I did not have the blocks of time to do this the way that I used to do. The method I now use allows me to prepare and freeze individual items of food as and when I have a minute here or there. No need for mammoth batch cooking sessions anymore! It also allows me to separate the prep work from the cooking, so that the cooking itself feels much less daunting. Everything is prepped and ready to go, with only a few things that actually requiring defrosting. The most valuable thing though has been the time that I have clawed back by not having to go to the shops so often. I also spend less time thinking about food, because I always have a variety of ingredients in stock. These days there's rarely a need to run to the shops to pick anything up!

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