If you are a meal planner, I have a tool that I think you will love.
If you haven’t meal planned but would like to then this tool will be right up your street.

High Angle View Of A Person Hand Filling* allows you to save and share recipes (imported from the internet, copied and pasted in, and manually added if you want), then plan on a calendar when you want to cook/eat them, and then creates your shopping list for you, grouped by categories of your choice!


You can even add your usual shopping essentials to the list. 


You can try it for 30 days for free without entering any card details,

so it is totally risk free!

*this is an affiliate link. If you decide to sign up using this link, I will get a small payment if you decide to sign up after your free trial. The product will not cost you any more than it would if you were to go direct. I only promote tools and products that I think are truly valuable and I hope that you will support my small business by using this link.