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Notice and Disclaimer

The Full Freezer is researched, written and produced by Kate Hall. The copyright, ownership and responsibility for material lies with The Home Cooking Consultant Ltd, the company which Kate owns and directs.

The information shared here is based on Kate’s own experiences and from information gleaned from her own researches. But this work is original, and similarities to previously published material is purely coincidental.

All the information is published in good faith.  We’re suggesting a whole system to save food, save time and save money, so please don’t latch onto one small part without understanding the rest.

Your consent and agreement: By using our information, you consent and agree to everything in this Notice and Disclaimer. If you do not agree to this, do not use our information.

Warning: If you do not prepare food properly for the freezer, and if you do not defrost and cook it properly before eating, you may cause food poisoning. 

We have provided useful and sensible warnings about how to freeze food and prepare frozen food safely.

If you skip over or ignore our important warnings about staying safe, and someone gets ill as a result, that’s your problem, not ours. If something does not feel quite right, stop. Although we are dedicated to helping cut out food waste, it is not wasteful to throw away food that is not fit to eat – that’s just good sense.

So don’t take any single piece of information here on its own and apply it without reference to the rest. 

All action that you take on the information that you find here is strictly at your own risk.

If food is past its use by date, or does not look right, taste right or smell right, don’t eat it and don’t serve it to others.

If anything we’ve written doesn’t seem quite right, please let us know.  And do check things out with other reputable information sources too.

No legal liability: We exclude all liability to the fullest extent allowed by law. 

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