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These lists can be used to keep track of what is in your freezer.


Simply download and laminate, then stick to your freezer with magnets, or stick in your cupboard using velcro dots* (these make it easy for you to update the list and then re-mount). 

I use a thin non-permanent pen to write on mine and use a damp cloth or q-tip to edit (drying with a bit of kitchen towel to get rid of the smudge).

Freezer Stash

Cooked Meals

The Full Freezer_Ingredients Stocklist i
The Full Freezer_Mains Stocklist Image.p

*To remove velcro spots from your cupboard, I recommend heating them gently with a hairdryer before peeling away. Then use a little nail polish remover to take off any residual glue. Always test this in a hidden area first to make sure it won't damage your cupboard.

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