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A Little Something For Mum....

The Full Freezer Method book makes a great gift for any mum (new mums, single mums, mums with fussy eaters, mums with foodies, mums with big kids, mums whose kids have flown the nest, mums that love batch cooking or meal plan, mums that always wing it... all the mums! She just needs to own a freezer).

If you'd like to pre-order a copy for your mum, or the mum of your kids, or a friend who is an awesome mum, you can do so here, BUT it won't be delivered until Thursday 14th March when it is officially released. We don't want her thinking you forgot though (even if you did!), so here's a gift card you can print, fold and sign (or click the bottom button for a graphic you can send by email) so she knows you thought to get her a gift that will help her in all sorts of ways!

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