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The Full Freezer is not about me telling you that you must buy frozen food, or to freeze all of your fresh food.


There is no regiment, no daily activities.

The Full Freezer is about you looking at your life, and what you like to eat, and helping it to last longer. It is about wasting less food, saving time and money, and enjoying a greater variety of meals.


There are a lot of preconceptions about freezing food though, and a lot of fears about safety. So this page links through to a series of videos and short articles that debunk some myths, flag up some common mistakes and generally give you what you need to get started.

Tiny steps are all it takes, so why not get started today? 



Sarah, Sevenoaks

You explain [freezing] in a way that is idiot proof and so user friendly. I've been using your freezer hacks a lot during lockdown!

Alena, Pratts Bottom

The Full Freezer is amazing and doing wonders! My husband who never had anything besides ice from the freezer has officially been converted.

Amy, Barton-Under-Needwood

Since lockdown we've turned on the spare [freezer] in the garage and I think we will leave it on... both freezers are full all the time courtesy of Kate and The Full Freezer!


There's no denying it. The Full Freezer is not for everyone.


If you only eat ready meals and have no interest in changing this, then it's not really for you.


If you're all about the salads, then The Full Freezer Method won't be of much help (don't write it off completely though). 


If you don't own a freezer at all, well, then we're definitely not made for each other. 

If however, you like to cook from scratch, but either haven't got the time, or hate the waste that it generates (has anyone else here used two sticks of celery just to watch the rest wilt in the fridge?!), then The Full Freezer might just be what you need. 

If you're not a very confident cook but would like to do more from scratch then The Full Freezer can definitely help. 


I always used to find it frustrating that so called '15 minute meals' would take me a lot longer. I thought I was just a rubbish cook. Then I realised that it's 15 minutes of cooking after everything is prepped and ready to go. 


By using The Full Freezer Method you split up the prep work (peeling, chopping, slicing, dicing etc) so your ingredients are ready to go* when you want to cook with them. And because you're freezing them, you don't have to buy and prep everything at once - you can do it as and when it suits you. 

Members of our Full Freezer Family so far include:

  • Busy Working Mums and Dads

  • Busy Stay-at-Home Mums and Dads

  • Young Professionals Living Alone

  • Young Professional Couples

  • Retirees Living Alone

  • Retiree Couples

The Full Freezer isn't meant to be for everyone, but it can help a variety of people because it is so flexible. It follows the simple concept that instead of throwing food out, you freeze it. 

So, if you think that The Full Freezer could work for you, then I ask that you complete one simple task. 


Go to your fridge or cupboard and find one thing that you can freeze today. 


That veg that's starting to look sad, the fruit that might just go mushy, the half tin of sweetcorn leftover from lunch... Pick just one thing and freeze it. It will take you less than a minute. 

If you're not sure how, hop over to my top five freezing tips, and check out 'Can I Freeze It?'. 


Still not sure? Drop me a message and I will tell you what you need to know. 

*it is advisable that meat is defrosted before cooking so that it cooks more evenly. If you cut it small/thinly before cooking though then it will defrost very quickly in cold water or the microwave. 

Katie, Orpington

You've helped me with radical basics, like flat freezing stuff and open freezing chopped onions, chorizo... the list is endless. It's amazing to see how much money can be saved too!

Jan, Nantwich

The Full Freezer has reignited my love of cooking. We are enjoying so much variety now, my husband thinks it's his birthday everyday!

Debbie, Orpington

You have a really lovely way of explaining things. I've never thought of anything to do with the freezer before you showed me how easy it can be.

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