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Get Results. Fast.

Book A Freezer Audit Power Hour to Cut Your Food Waste Quickly
& Get Your Freezer In Order!

If you find cooking every day stressful, if you're sick of wasting food, if you struggle to find food in your freezer, or if you want to know how to find inspiration without getting overwhelmed,

then look no further.

The Full Freezer makes home cooking easier, dramatically reduces food waste,

and enables greater variety, all by simply making your freezer work harder for you.

"Kate offers such an amazing service! She has been a fountain of knowledge on all things freezer as well as food safety. I'm looking forward to organising my freezer to make more space, something that I've wanted for a long time!


The consultation was so easy, Kate is so organised , passionate and informative. I learnt so much I didn't know and got some really handy tips. Cannot recommend The Full Freezer service highly enough. I'd also like to personally thank Kate for her generosity, she is a very genuine and lovely person. All round 5 star service thank you!"

- Victoria Miah

How Does It Work?

Prior to speaking, you will complete a questionnaire and provide a video tour of your fridge,

freezer and cupboards and from this, Kate will tackle the specific challenges that you face,

and provide you with hacks that you can use to fit with your lifestyle and priorities. 

You will be sent a copy of the call afterwards so that you can refer back to this as necessary.

Why On Earth Would I Pay For This?

I'm addressing this upfront, because I know for many people it will seem crazy to pay for advice around something that we already do every single day. 

But the truth is, most of us were never taught this stuff.


And because we haven't been taught, it tends to end up being unnecessarily 

time consuming and stressful.

You know how I know? 

Because I wasn't taught it. And I was stressed. 


So I had to seek out solutions.

To research and to study, to do food safety certification (yawn!). To experiment, trial and test.


And also, because some of my loveliest followers are freezer-fans and batch cookers with 30+ years of cooking experience, who thought they could learn nothing. 

All of whom have, over time, been won over by the simplicity of The Full Freezer.

I didn’t think there was much I could learn - I already freeze food such as bread, milk, left over dinners like lasagne etc but I have to confess I found Kate amazing!!


If you think you know about freezing food and avoiding waste - think again!

- Caroline Dennis

The Full Freezer works by sharing freezer hacks that work for YOU.

By understanding how to safely cool, freeze, store, thaw and cook foods (and what you CAN freeze!) you will have greater control over your food waste and your meal times. 

It is not about Batch Cooking or Meal Planning

(although advice can be provided on these if they are what you want to do;

I was a batch cooker for over a decade before I developed The Full Freezer!)

but about making your freezer a more valuable asset in your kitchen and sharing information and advice that will put you in control of your kitchen for the rest of your life.

By understanding all of the elements around home freezing you will be in control to use your freezer in a way that suits your life - and you will be able to adapt this as life changes.

Think of The Full Freezer as a personal trainer for YOUR kitchen.

Helping you to achieve what you want faster, without getting lost in misinformation

and bogged down in things that aren't relevant to you. 

The Full Freezer has transformed my freezer and my life. I now have more meal options as my freezer is stocked for every eventuality. Burgers, bolognese, banana.

It’s all there and ready to use.

It’s saved me money too as I’m not wasting food by throwing it away and

it’s made meal times shorter as the food is already prepped.

I can’t rave about it enough. It’s actually addictive as it’s so easy.

I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.


Happy Freezing!

- Sarah Sangster

Is It Worth It?

Let's be honest. It's unlikely that this is something that you have ever considered investing in.


It's unlikely that you found The Full Freezer by typing 'I want to freeze stuff' into a search engine.

So you may well have seen the cost and immediately thought. Nope. Not for me. 

And I totally get that. 

But can I share with you a little home truth...

Most UK families waste over £700 worth of food EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

That's more than £12,500 of edible food chucked in the bin over 18 years.


And I'm not talking scraps - this is the stuff that simply wasn't eaten in time because it either wasn't stored properly, it was bought on a whim, or plans changed and it didn't get eaten. 

So is it worth £127 to

  • no longer feel stressed about planning and food shopping

  • become skilled in techniques that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life

  • learn skills that you will pass on to your kids (or your parents!)

  • and that will potentially save you (and them!) as much as £700 per year?


Not to mention all of the time saved by not having to 'pop' to the shops;

which inevitably ends up in ten items being bought when you just needed one...

You probably already know what I think! 

"I had a one-to-one consultation with Kate and found it be very useful. Kate is very professional and knowledgeable, she gave me loads of information and ideas which have helped me save space, stop food wastage and save money.

Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it."

- Katie Shelton

So What Next?

If you feel like The Full Freezer can help you,

please use the link below to book in your Power Hour.

Before your call, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and 

provide a short video tour of your fridge and freezer.


NOTE: Please don't 'tidy up'

there is absolutely no judgement

and the more honest you can be, the better I can help you!


If for any reason I feel that The Full Freezer is not a good fit for you

I will request a (free) short call prior to the consultation to discuss this.


It is my aim to ensure that all clients are 100% happy,

so if you come off our call and feel that I haven't provided you any value at all,

I will happily refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What if I don't have much time?

The Full Freezer actually grew out of my lack of spare time. I'm a working mum of two, who used to batch cook, and I simply found that I did not have the time to do this the way that I used to do. The method I now use allows me to prepare and freeze individual items of food as and when I have a minute here or there. No need for mammoth batch cooking sessions anymore!


It also allows me to separate the prep work from the cooking, so that the cooking itself feels much less daunting.


Everything is prepped and ready to go, with only a few things actually requiring defrosting.

The most valuable thing though has been the time that I have clawed back by not having to go to the shops so often. I also spend less time thinking about food, because I always have a variety of ingredients in stock. There's rarely a need to run to the shops to pick anything up, unless we're wanting salad.

  • What if I don't have much freezer space?

Of course, the more freezer space you have, the more you will be able to freeze. BUT, knowing how you can best use the space you have, and how to freeze, defrost and cook your food safely are life skills worth knowing.


What you learn doesn't need to be all about YOU and YOUR freezer space either. Maybe you want to prep and freeze food for an elderly relative or a sick friend. Perhaps you want to be able to teach your kids the right way to store and handle their food so that it comes easily to them as grown ups. 

And if it is all about you, well, one day maybe you'll have more freezer space, and surely it's better to know how to put it to good use BEFORE you fill it up?!

  • Freezing food really scares me, could I make my family sick?

Freezing food itself isn't actually dangerous - the key is knowing how to safely handle the food before and after freezing (this also goes for storing and reheating leftovers!).


I take food safety very seriously and have my level 2 food safety and hygiene certification, as well as working closely with a fantastic Environment Health Officer who helps to ensure that all of my advice is accurate and safe.

It is my mission to share with you just what you NEED to know, so that you don't have to do boring food safety courses, or scour the internet (which is often full of misleading and inaccurate advice). 

  • We don't really waste much food, so I'm not sure there's much value in it for me

There's no denying, some people are really really good at using up what they have in stock. Maybe you've got an 'eat me first' box. Maybe you're a super creative cook.

BUT I often find that just because someone IS good at using up their food, it doesn't mean they wouldn't like it to be easier. Or that they wouldn't prefer to be able to mix up what they're eating rather than having the same leftover two days running. 

The Full Freezer gives you flexibility over and above anything else, so that you can continue to waste very little, but also enjoy more variety and convenience.

  • Can't I just have the Power Hour without the accountability call?

I purposefully package all Power Hours together with an accountability call.  The reason for this is that I want to see you TAKE ACTION and I want you to GET RESULTS. It is too easy for us to have the intention to make changes, but then life gets in the way. By being held accountable we can actually reach our end goals and enjoy the benefits.



Power Hour Video Call (replay supplied for your reference)

BONUS: How to Stock Your Fridge (to Make Your Food Last Longer)

I absolutely LOVE The Full Freezer and Kate!


She is very enthusiastic and full of knowledge. The freezer hacks are fantastic! She really will help you to think outside the box and give lots of freezer ideas, and that includes things you can freeze, recipes, organising and food safety. Her tips are ideal for busy families.

I can’t recommend her highly enough. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

- Veronica Prego

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A Little About Kate

Kate Hall + J.jpg

Hi there!


I'm Kate, Mum of two and Founder of The Full Freezer.


Prior to having my son, I was an avid batch cooker, stocking our freezer with homemade meals to last us for weeks at a time.

When baby number two came along I realised my methods just weren't going to work anymore. I simply don't get that much time to think about food, let alone prepare it.


After getting frustrated that I kept on buying ingredients and wasting them, I became food safety and hygiene certified and developed my Full Freezer System, which helps me to de-stress daily cooking and reduce food waste. I have also found ways to mix up our dinners and avoid ever getting bored. 


I believe food is something that should be enjoyed, and that it is a vital part of family life, and so in May 2020 I set up The Full Freezer as a business, to help others. 


Kate xx

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