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Kate Hall, The Full Freezer

Things I Love...

The last few years have involved a lot of research, internet scouring,

trying and testing of different products and services.


Some things I have found have been absolute duds.


Some things simply haven't been for me.


When I find stuff that WORKS, then there's nothing I love more than sharing it. 

Below you'll find the things that I genuinely believe are worth paying for.


Most are food related, but there's some general life stuff is in there too, because, well if it's helped me, it just might be able to help you too. 

Disclaimer: Some of these products/services feature affiliate links (marked with an *), meaning if you choose to purchase them, I will receive a small commission. What you need to know, is that they will cost you no more, and I swear on my Freezer that I will only ever promote products and services that I genuinely believe are useful and that I have used myself.

Plan to Eat Logo.png
Plan To Eat

Plan to Eat is a meal planning website and app which allows you to save recipes, plan when you want to cook them and then has the functionality to generate your shopping list for you.

Truth be told, I am rubbish at Meal Planning, but I relied on this tool heavily when I used to batch cook and I still love using it if I am venturing to the shops rather than getting a delivery or need to alter a recipe. ​


  • The conversion feature that allows you to convert a whole recipe from ounces to grams at the click of a button

  • The portion adjustment feature which allows you to alter the ingredient list for a recipe based on how many portions you want to cook.

  • The shopping list generator - this has saved me so many hours of faffing! I love that I can add additional items, and everything is grouped by food type. This feature has helped me overcome the frustration of doing a big shop, just to discover I'd missed a vital ingredient off my list.



It saves me time and helps me to avoid the irritation of planning to cook a meal and discovering I’m missing an ingredient.

Simply Cook Logo.png
Simply Cook

I’ve tried various ‘meal delivery’ services, but it always frustrated me that by the time the ingredients were delivered, I didn’t necessarily feel like eating the food that I’d chosen. 

I love that with Simply Cook, they provide only the Flavour Pots to inspire dinner and to help us get variety with minimal effort.

Each kit consists of 4 meals, which you choose for yourself through the app or website. There is a huge range of choice, with new dishes being added all the time.


  • The kits keep for ages so I can choose as and when I want to cook a particular dish (which my freezer stash makes simple, as I usually have all of the ingredients to hand!)

  • The subscription is totally flexible, so I can pause whenever I want, or order extra kits if for example we were having guests round for dinner

  • Most of the flavour kits can be used to cook larger portions (e.g. 4 portions instead of 2), so I can cook enough for 4 then freeze the leftovers for another day.  



It helps me to cook a huge variety of dishes, without having to pay out a fortune on jars of spice that will then sit in the cupboard unused for three years. It’s also helped to build up my confidence to try new foods (I used to be a horrendously fussy eater) as I’m confident that the flavourings will be as they should be! 

Positive Parenting Solutions logo.png
Positive Parenting Solutions

Right around the time that I started developing my Full Freezer Method in my own home, I also signed up to this programme. 


I had a small baby, and a two-year-old with some serious attitude, and to be quite honest, I had no idea how to handle it. This was one of my first experiences of investing in my family and my home life, and I was so glad that I did it. 


The course gave me practical tools that I could put to use in challenging situations and helped me to see how I could help myself and my kids to enjoy a calmer (less shouty!) life.


  • The course is designed for parents of children ages 2.5 through to 16 and gives lifetime access, so I know that as I (inevitably!) come up against new parenting hurdles, I have somewhere to turn for sensible advice and guidance

  • I love that the trainings are available both as videos and audio files; allowing me to listen to the content whilst doing other things (e.g. laundry, cooking, cleaning) and then watch them with greater focus when I have time

  • I found it really helpful to fill in the workbook that ran alongside the course. It also serves as a great reminder if things start to go off track – I can quickly remind myself of techniques that I’ve not used in a while, and nip any challenges in the bud!




This course genuinely helped me keep my sanity when I felt like I was in control of nothing, and I had a defiant two year old staring me down. Whenever I feel that family life is stressing me out, I come back to the principles and tools taught here!

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