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 Ditch Your Food Waste Guilt Today!

"This course should be taught in schools"


- Julie-ann Carroll, Former Teacher

😫 Are you sick and tired of wasting food?

🥱 Do you find you often can't be bothered to cook?

😳 Do you order take away far more often than you like to admit? 

😠 Do you often find you're missing ingredients for dishes you want to cook?

😖 Would you like to try different meals, but hate wasting the leftover ingredients?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions,

you are in completely the right place 😁

Welcome to A Whole New Approach to Freezer Cooking...


The Full Freezer® Method helps you to waste less food, cook from scratch more easily, and enjoy more variety. 
It brings together the various challenges of cooking (whether it be for a family, or for one!), and gives you the skills and knowledge to adapt your cooking style as your life and circumstances change.

How Do I Know It Works?
Because I developed it to overcome these problems in my own home, and since starting to teach it to others, I have received countless messages expressing how much time, money, and energy those using it have saved! 

Kate & Family 2018.jpg

A Few Year Ago, I Hit A Wall

I have always loved to feel in control, and so for a long time (over 10 years!), I was a batch cooker.

I learned the skill from my mum, and I made good use of it through my single years, then when I met and married my other half, and particularly when we had our daughter. 

But when our son arrived, suddenly everything felt too difficult. I would buy food with the good intention of cooking, but it would regularly go to waste. Either the kids would be kicking off, we wouldn't fancy what I'd planned, or I would simply be too exhausted to cook. 

I knew I needed to find a way to get more scratch cooking back into our lives without putting the pressure on myself to batch cook. And so, I started to geek-out on all things freezer. 

I learnt what I could freeze, and how. I studied food hygiene and safety. I researched storage options and came up with my own methods to keep organised without needing spreadsheets or notebooks...

And So, The Full Freezer® Method Was Born!

I found that with the right knowledge and understanding, I could substantially increase the amount that we cook from scratch, as well as cut our edible food waste to almost zero

And of course by reducing our food waste, we have been able to slash our food bill and cut down on trips to the shops.

My other half is also more helpful in the kitchen these days, and my kids are already taking a great interest in cooking; a skill that I am very keen for them to have!

Most of all, I just love knowing that there is always something in the house to eat, and that we have complete flexibility depending on how we feel and what we want to eat. I rarely plan more than a couple of hours ahead, which works perfectly for us!

Full Freezer-56.jpg

When I Wanted To Find A Solution...

...and feel in control in the kitchen again, I couldn't find anything that gave me what I needed to know all in one place

Too often, the challenge of cooking is reduced down to "having the right recipe". But the reality is that feeding a family is so much more complex, and too often it falls to one person in the home. 

I wanted to create an approach that would help me to de-stress daily cooking, rather than put more pressure on myself. Without a doubt The Full Freezer Method has given me the pause button that I needed! 

So now I have put together a course sharing all of my tips and tricks in one place, so that you can stop wasting food and start enjoying using your freezer more, without the guess work! 

What is 'Your Full Freezer'?

Full Freezer-300.jpg

Your Full Freezer is your guide through the world of home freezing. 

This self-led course takes you through all that you didn't know you needed to know about how to use your home freezer to save you food, time and money.

Whilst it might seem frivolous to invest in learning to use your freezer more effectively, the benefits of getting to grips with freezing are huge.

Your Full Freezer isn't just about having a nice organised freezer (although we do cover that!), it's about learning how you can reduce your food waste, cook from scratch more easily and reduce the stress that comes with getting dinner on the table every single day.

Whether you live alone, are raising a family, or your kids have flown the nest, the content covered in Your Full Freezer can help you to save food, time and money, and enjoy more variety.

What's Covered?


For Just £67 You Get
9 Knowledge Packed Modules

8. Freezer Stash Cooking - Of course there's no point freezing food if you're not going to eat it. We look at several ways to cook your food after freezing, as well as how to find endless inspiration in the kitchen. Includes 3 Sample Freezer Stash Recipes that can be adapted to create many more dishes!

7. Simple Freezer Hacks - Baffled by blanching? Don't know your open freezing from your flat freezing? I take you through all of my tricks and techniques here, as well as sharing the tools that I couldn't live without! Includes Freezer Geek's Guide to Blanching Vegetables & Tools Cheat Sheet.

6. Can I Freeze It - Ever wondered what you can freeze?! No need to wonder anymore... in this module we cover all the different types of food that can be frozen, as well as what does not freeze well. 

5. Avoiding Food Poisoning - Getting to grips with food safety basics is the best way to feel in control in the kitchen. If you know the rules, it is so much easier to avoid waste (and to ensure you don't accidentally make someone sick!). I take you through what you need to know! Please note this is not a food safety qualification; I simply provide sensible advice to help avoid food poisoning at home (based on UK Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene Training). Includes Freezer Geek's Guide to Food Safety download and What to Do in an Emergency Cheat Sheet.

4. Getting Organised  (& Staying Organised!) - I take you through my Freezer Clear Down process and demonstrate how to keep your food organised, along with how to keep track of what you've got. Also includes Defrost Like a Boss download & Freezer Inventory Templates. 

3. Myths & Misconceptions - Tackling five common myths about freezing that are likely to hold you back. 

2. Home Freezing 101 - An introduction to home freezing, and five things you need to know before you start freezing.

1. Your Ideal Lifestyle - Use this video and simple worksheet to establish what is currently stressing you out so that you know what you need to change. 

9. Life with Your Full Freezer - Use the worksheet here to revisit the challenges you identified in lesson 1, and decide how you will use your new found freezer skills to overcome them! 
All of which can be watched in less than 4 hours! 
Course Contents

I'm also delighted to share that 5% of all proceeds from Your Full Freezer will go to Free My Meal; a registered charity that creates connections between people who need a meal, with people who can provide a meal.

Why Bother? Why Now?

Let's be frank. If you're wasting a lot of food at the moment, not only is it costing you (the average 4-person household wastes around £1000 worth of food every year), it's also damaging the planet. In fact the negative impact of food waste is six times greater than global aviation!

Why is this? Well, because when we waste food we waste all the resources that went into producing it. And, when food rots it releases greenhouse gases. 

Reducing food waste is a simple way that we can help our planet for future generations, AND it saves us time and money. With food prices shooting up, and undeniable changes in our climate, now is absolutely the time to tackle what we're wasting. 

The joy of The Full Freezer® is that you can start small, or you can go for a complete overhaul. There is no judgement from me if you're wasting a lot at the moment, my objective is just to help you reduce your food waste; it's up to you how far you want to take your freezing! 

There are so many other benefits to learning this method and shifting your habits too...

  • Save money by buying in bulk, buying reduced-price items, and throwing away less food 

  • Eat more fruit and veg without any waste 

  • Afford to buy organic, locally sourced, or ‘wonky’ produce (that might otherwise be unaffordable), without any waste

  • Enjoy more varied meals

  • Enjoy greater flexibility around mealtimes

  • Reduce the number of processed foods consumed

  • More easily cater to different diets (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant etc)

  • Expose kids to a wide variety of foods and get them involved in the kitchen

  • Share the kitchen workload between family members by separating the prep from the cooking

  • Teach your kids (and even parents!) useful life skills to reduce waste and stay safe

  • Save time by making food prep more efficient and reducing the need to go to the shops

  • Have a positive impact on the planet by throwing away less food (and packaging)

  • Make more effective use of freezer space and ensure the freezer is working more efficiently

  • Make evening cooking quicker and easier by having prepped ingredients to hand, which also reduces the temptation to order take away.

And whilst you can absolutely pick up tips and advice from my free social content, Your Full Freezer takes you through everything in one place (see above modules!), so you can be confident that you're using your freezer effectively AND safely. 

So what do you say?! Do you want to invest a little bit of time and money now to reap the rewards for the rest of your life?

Freezer Geek Feedback

TheFullFreezer-butternut squash-lo res.j

Family Health Coach, Meraki Health

Eleni D_edited.png

Having learnt how to manage my freezer better, organise it and how to utilise it in a more functional way that supports our family has been a real saviour. I have been able to cook from scratch easier than ever before!



Louise W_edited.jpg

The academy has helped me become more organised so I waste less food, always have something nutritious to eat in the freezer and also have learnt to keep my family safe knowing the food safety guidance.

TheFullFreezer-red onions - lo res.jpg
Tamasin R.png

I've really appreciated the shift in attitude which helps me prep food we won't use, pop it in the freezer and know I have easy ingredients ready for a quick dinner, it is slowly revolutionising our dinners.

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Meet Kate

Kate Hall is the Founder of The Full Freezer® and author of The Full Freezer Method.


Kate helps households to reduce their food waste by freezing. Unlike batch cooking, The Full Freezer Method is completely flexible and allows families to easily enjoy a wide variety of meals without any waste. 


Kate has been featured by BBC Food, Steph's Packed Lunch, Prima Magazine, and The Telegraph and has collaborated with more than 50 creators within health & well-being, parenting, and sustainability. She has also created campaigns with organisations such as Love Food, Hate Waste, Birdseye and The Food Standards Agency.

With over 80,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook, The Full Freezer® is transforming attitudes towards food waste and empowering parents to cut down on convenience foods and embrace home cooking. 


Kate lives in Greater London with her husband and two young children.

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