"The Full Freezer is all about reducing stress. 

The stress of answering the question 'what's for dinner',

the stress when you waste food that you meant to cook,

the stress when you waste time and money by wasting food.

It is about giving you a pause button.

By freezing food that would have gone in the bin you can alleviate the pressure to cook it and eat it now.


You have a variety of ingredients ready to use when you want them. 

You save your food, you save your time and you save your money,"


– Kate Hall, The Full Freezer 

Want To Know More?

About Kate

My love of the freezer is something passed on from my Mum.

In 2006 I had a blood clot in my shoulder which kicked off a five year health rollercoaster.


It was a pretty intense time, and whilst it was difficult, I am so grateful for what that time of my life gave to me, and I was so lucky to have the support that I did...

The Environment & The Full Freezer

When I started on the journey of creating The Full Freezer, I had no clue what a minefield I was entering. I just wanted to help myself and other home cooks to have a less stressful dinnertime.

The potential environmental knock-on from meal prepping could be huge though.