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So you've been set the challenge to cook something from your freezer and cupboards.

If you're really lucky Mum or Dad might have already cooked some meals and frozen them, or there might be some convenience foods in there. Try thinking about how you can make your own meal though, or how to make something more interesting. 

Why not make pizzas using whatever base you've got available and freezer stock such as sweetcorn?

Or quesadillas, which you can fill up with whatever you fancy! 

For pudding, did you know you can make choc ices from frozen banana? I don't particularly like bananas, and even I think these taste really good!

You could also see if there's any frozen fruit that you could use to make a crumble.

Whatever you decide to make, get creative and have loads of fun! 

Kate xx

P.S. Keep scrolling down to set Mum and Dad a challenge for this summer!


Kate Hall, The Full Freezer.png

If you've learnt about the environment at school, then you might already know that food waste is a HUGE problem.

When we chuck food away, it rots and releases methane gas (which is really bad) and we also waste all of the resources and effort that went into growing or making the food and its ingredients. 

If you want to help your parents to waste less food, let them know that they can freeze most stuff. They might not be keen at first, but they won't just save food by doing this, they can save their time and money too (pretty good deal right?!).


A lot of adults believe these myths about freezing food - it's your challenge to set them straight, and make sure they're not making any mistakes.

Watch these videos to find out five types of food you can explain to them are freezable.

If you see something in the fridge or cupboard that you think is going to end up in the bin, ask if you can freeze it. 

And if you get them interested but they get stuck with what to do next, you can find out how to freeze particular items

(just message me if your ingredient is missing and I'll make a video as quick as I can!). 

And then give them some ideas of what to cook!

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