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"Change comes from managing the journey

more than from announcing the destination"

- William Bridges

Whilst I love providing quick wins through the form of a Power Hour, I genuinely believe that the only way for my clients to fully benefit from The Full Freezer Method is for me to take the journey with them. 

Everyone has different preconceptions and challenges, and because our homes and kitchens are so familiar to us it is very easy to fall into old habits and rituals that work against what we are trying to achieve. 

Whilst you can absolutely take elements of The Full Freezer and make little changes on your own, it is those that commit themselves to the process and work with me over a longer period who benefit the most. 

I am fully committed to ensuring that my clients find exceptional value in what I teach, and that they find me to be supportive and non-judgemental. 

My personal coaching packages vary in length and price, based on the client's needs, but generally will consist of no less than 3 sessions (prices start at £497). All packages include accountability check-ins and support via email, as well as the bonuses listed below. 


Topics covered generally include:

  • How to Get Started

  • The Fundamentals of Freezing

  • Food Safety

  • Full Freezer Tools & Storage

  • Food Shopping Hacks

  • The Pillars of Home Freezing Success

  • How to Use Your Freezer Stash (Cooking From Frozen)

  • Batch Cooking Hacks

All bespoke consulting packages include the following bonuses:

  • Exclusive Full Freezer Starter Pack

  • Food Safety Cheat Sheet & Checklist

  • How to Stock Your Fridge (to Make Your Food Last Longer)

To discuss your needs and to receive a bespoke package quote please contact me

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