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The Full Freezer Method Book & Logo

"This book is quite literally a life-changer"

Gregg Wallace

The Full Freezer Method Book by Kate Hall

I am so excited to finally share with you that I have written my first book!

The Full Freezer Method will be published with Ebury Press on 14th March 2024, but is available for pre-order today!

This simple, five-step organisation guide will change the way you shop, cook and live; saving you money, time and wasted food.


"I am a big fan of Kate. What she discusses in this book is quite literally a life changer. Detailed instruction on reducing waste, enhancing your enjoyment of food and saving a ton of money. Well done Kate."

Gregg Wallace


"Kate Hall makes freezing food accessible, practical and fun. Making the most of your freezer is the best way to save money and waste less food!"

Chris Bavin


In the book I take you through...

PHASE 1: Decide to Change

-        Open yourself up to changing your ingrained habits and overhaul the way you shop, prep, freeze and cook.

PHASE 2: The Clear Down

-        Give your freezer an overhaul; rediscover long-forgotten foods and get it fully fit for purpose so you can stop wasting food and start saving money.

PHASE 3: Build Your Freezer Stash

-        Create a filing cabinet of ingredients that you had no clue you could freeze; there are over 700 listed foods and a simple reference guide as to how to freeze each one.

PHASE 4: Use Your Stash

-        Make the most of your treasure trove of frozen foods, using it safely and quickly at mealtimes.

PHASE 5: Don’t Freeze Up

-        How to overcome the inevitable challenges you’ll encounter along the way. This has been updated in the book.

To mark the launch of the book, I am also introducing a new logo, designed by the brilliant Georgie Hewitt, who created my book cover.

Kate xx

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